Why Chandigarh is a Good Place to Spend Holiday

People love to visit different places to get the fresh air and for enjoyment purposes. Visiting different places can add to the overall experience of a person and can boost inner peace. Some people go outside with their family for shopping while others just love to spend quality time with their loved ones. 

Be it anything, but the choice of location matters a lot. Well, if you are looking for a good place to spend your day or more then Chandigarh is the best place to go. 

Chandigarh, also known as the City Beautiful is the most scenic area in north India. Here, I have mentioned some of the valid reasons that have made this ‘City’ as the most favorable place to spend a holiday or more.

5 Reasons to Visit Chandigarh, the City Beautiful 

1. Safest City in India 

In this world, everyone is worried for their safety as crimes are increasing day by day. Especially in India, safety is a major concern for almost all tourists. Chandigarh is the best place that has a low crime rate due to its infrastructure and powerful administration. Even if you are a single parent that wants to come along with your kids then this place could be the top tourist place to spend a holiday. 

2. Get Fresh Air by visiting Clean Chandigarh

Health is the prime factor for many people. This pandemic has taught us the importance of health. This is one of the reasons that tourists want to go to places that are clean enough.  Chandigarh has a low pollution level and is dust-free. So, if you or your loved one is allergic to dust or pollution then this could be the place that can heal you internally instead of making things worse for your health.  

3. Best Transportation Access 

Don’t own any vehicle, or afraid of driving, or don’t want to drive because of less familiarity with the city? If these are the things that are restricting you from planning a trip to a beautiful place, then you must opt for Chandigarh. The biggest reason is the availability of diverse transportation facilities, such as public bus facility, auto service, or cab facility. If you can afford a somewhat costly transportation measure then you can just hire a cab facility from your phone and you can reach the destination without wasting time. Similarly, you can travel in CHD bus facilities if you want cheap transportation options.  

4. Well-planned City 

It has been seen that tourist places are too congested or are unplanned. This is one of the reasons that tourists get lost in the way even after using navigational applications. However, Chandigarh is one of the cities that is well-planned. It sometimes seems as if all the sectors are the same but they are not. Every sector is famous for its own unique things. 

5. Best Place For A Picnic for Your Kids

Are you looking for a perfect place to have a picnic? Then no place can be as good as Chandigarh. If your kids adore artwork then you can visit Rock Garden. Sukhna Lake is another very attractive place in Chandigarh which is just a stone’s throw away from Rock Garden. 

At Sukhna Lake, you can go boating which is quite safe. Other swings also attract many children. You can enjoy very good food as there are a lot of food kiosks. 

Moreover, this area is the most scenic in Chandigarh. The mountains are too close and the Sunrise and Sunset can be enjoyed here.

In conclusion, by looking at the above reasons, it can be said that The City Beautiful is the best place to spend a day trip or a weekend.

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