Registration of Two-Wheelers is stopping soon in Chandigarh

The registration for ICE(Internal Combustion Engine) two-wheelers is likely to stop by October once the target for this year’s revised Electric Vehicle policy is achieved. Only 12,076 two-wheel vehicles running on ICE have to be registered in Chandigarh this year till December. The registration will be stopped after achieving the target, and only EV two-wheelers will be registered after that. 

11,254 two-wheelers running on ICE have been registered in the city since April. The registration will be closed after reaching the target and only Electric 2-wheelers will be registered after that. Similarly, RLA(Registering and Licensing Authority) will suspend the registration of four-wheelers running on ICE once the target of this year, 15,465 vehicles, is achieved. Almost, 12,950 four-wheelers have been registered in the city by now.