Top 8 Dance Institutions in Chandigarh and Mohali

Who doesn’t love Dance? I think everyone just admires the art of dance. Either we are fond of dancing or just enjoy watching it. To many people, dance is a form of realisation, to others, it’s more of a passion. 

It is the best workout for your soul and body. “Anybody can dance” is not just a phrase, it’s true. You won’t need to have a perfect body or flexibility, you just want the desire to dance and voilà!! 

Due to globalization, numerous dance forms are being added. Not just mixing the beats but mixing two or more dance forms is the latest trend in the market. I think people want to master-in all the dance forms. As they always look for talented dance tutors and a place to practice that as in dance classes near me. 

Here, we are listing some of the best dance schools in Chandigarh and Mohali. Social dance classes along with private sessions are available in the modern city. Choose from the numerous dance forms and grab your shoes. 

The Engine Room

It is one of the finest dance schools in Chandigarh. Definitely, it is a place for art and passion where one can explore oneself. They offer classes in Street Jazz, B-boying, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Bollywood and of course Bhangra.

In addition to this, the Engine Room is also a place for fitness enthusiasm; power yoga, Bhangra Aerobics, Pilates to combat, Ashtanga Yoga are some other incredible services they offer.

Location: 1309, Sector 34 C, Chandigarh

Fees Range: 2000 /m*

Contact info: 98883-04846

Chandigarh Dance Academy (CDA)

CDA is located in sector 38 of Chandigarh. It is a professional dance school and has the best instructors, who are great dancers and have competed nationally and locally. They help people to unwind themselves through dance and express their true emotions.

They provide services in Classical and semi-classical dance, Bollywood, Western, Kathak, Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Salsa, Contemporary and also event choreography.

Location: Stepping Stones School Campus, Sec-38 A, Chandigarh

Fees Range: 1000/m*

Contact info:98886-29122

Step 2 Dance

Providing services since 1999, one of the oldest dance schools in the city. They help in nurturing your passion for dance and provide professional training in all dance forms. Also, they organise many competitions and dance events in the city.

Cha cha cha, B-boying, Belly dance, Salsa, locking and popping, Party dance, Jazz, Hip-Hop are some of their expertise. 

Location: SCF-63, Top Floor, Near Amrit Confectioners, Phase-5, Mohali

Fees Range: 1500/m*

Contact info:98881-37158, 98886-97158

We Born to Dance

The team of experienced instructors, who already have trained a plethora of students in various dance forms. The WOW factor is that they also host many events and stage shows in Mohali. Specialised in catering to almost all age groups; separate batches for kids and seniors are also available. 

They conduct classes for Bollywood, B-boying, Contemporary, Zumba, Locking and popping, Hula Hoops, Salsa, Kathak and many more.

Location: SCF 20, Top Floor, Sector 125, Mohali

Fees Range: 1200/m*

Contact info: 79471-09052

Dance Work Z Studios 

DanceworkZ is owned by India’s got talent quarterfinalist, Sumit Kumar. They focus on teaching rhythm sense to students so that they can create their choreography. It is a great place if you are looking for different types of fitness workouts. Hire them if you are looking for wedding choreography and stage shows. They are specialised in that.

Dance forms taught here are Jive dance, Tap dance, Ballet, Fusion, Freestyle, cha-cha including fitness-based Zumba Aerobics and Bhangra.

Location: SCO 37, Sector 18 D (Church), Chandigarh.

Fees Range: 1500/m*

Contact info: 98888-09835

The Show Stoppers

One of the trustworthy and reliable dance Academy of Chandigarh, who mainly focuses on creating technical skills among students to make them a promising dancer. Along with dance skills, they also focus on creating self-confidence among their students.

They specialise in various dance forms such as, Hip Hop, Western, Locking and Popping, Acrobatics, Bhangra, Freestyle, Rock N Roll.

Location: 3472, 37D, Sector 37, Chandigarh

Fees Range: 1500/m*

Contact info: 98788-57555

Rock and Roll Dance Institution

Rock n roll has its presence all over north India with 8 branches. They stress the teaching of dance through detailed and proper concepts. They provide various varieties of performance levels. 

Book them if you are looking for Tango, Jive, Folk dance, Salsa, Belly, B-boying, Contemporary and Break Dance.

Location: Address- SCO 265, Sector 35 D, Chandigarh

Fees Range: 1200/m*

Contact info:98880-86832, 98889-99989

Dance World

The world of dance is one of Chandigarh’s first and largest dance training institutions. They commit to promoting uniqueness and nurturing the natural ability of students. They aim to inspire creativity and encourage confidence among dance participants.

Offering Latin American Dance, Salsa, Punjabi Dance, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Bollywood and Aerobics fitness. 

Location: SCO 12, Near Neelam Theater, Shopping Plaza,  Sector 17 E, Chandigarh

Fees Range: 2000/m*

Contact info: 0172-4649811, 98760-42751

*the fees range mentioned can be varied, do check it with the institution/class/academy first. 

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