New Lake in Chandigarh Sector 42 – All You Need to Know About 

Everyone knows what Chandigarh is famous for. Well, Lake is one of the biggest attractions of all the tourists. Sukhna Lake is one of everyone’s favorite places. To see the increase in tourists nowadays, the Chandigarh Administration is closely working and emphasizing the tourism points. So now, a new lake in sector 42 Chandigarh has drawn attention from all the people in Chandigarh or near CHD. 

About New Lake, Sector 42 Chandigarh

The new Lake Sector 42 in Chandigarh has a 0.4-mile route that includes around 1000 steps in total. The total area covered by New Lake CHD is around 3 acres which are situated at the southern part of the lake. Many people are not aware of this new lake in Chandigarh. It is situated in sector 42 which is very close to ISBT sector 43. So, if you are coming by bus to this bus stand and looking to visit some good places near sector 43 then this could be the best option for you. 

New Lake Sector 42 Chandigarh is Ideal Place of Many People

The lake in 42 sector is also known as ‘New Lake’. It is situated in a peaceful area. Many teenagers, youngsters and children love to come here. Many people living near the lake come here to relax, meditate and jog. Apart from this, parents who want a picnic spot in Chandigarh find this place most suitable as there is no traffic issue in this area. Social folks love to make reels and get their picture clicked at sector 42 lake Chandigarh. 

Sector 42 lake Chandigarh is also popular for Chhat Puja. At this Hindu festival, people use this Lake for their rituals too. It is declared as a worship place by the Chandigarh administration where people can do their religious activities during various festivals including Ganesh Puja.

The New Lake in Chandigarh is a man-made lake so the walls are constructed with stones to restrict the seepage of water. The water of the lake is clean but sometimes it has been seen that the corners of the lake get dirty with debris and plastic waste. Overall it is a good place that can be added to your Chandigarh trip.

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