Full Form of PGI Hospital – Everything You Need To Know

Google is full of research related to knowing the full form of pgi or pgi ka full form, etc. Are you one to know the full form of PGI Chandigarh? It is a Post Graduate Institute (PGI). Well, originally it’s name is PGIMER which stands for Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research. It is located in sector 12 of the city beautiful, CHD. 

Some people searched it to prepare for the examinations, some wanted to get admissions in the various courses offered by PGI, chandigarh. Some wanted to get employment and much more. As, it is one of the biggest hospitals in northern India that sees major footfalls 24/7. 

Doctors always recommend PGI, chd hospital if they find their patients’ condition critical or patient is ailing with any kind of rare disease. After all, this hospital is one of the biggest places known for its research centers. Not just the experienced doctors are working to save the lives of people but numerous scientists and research scholars are working just to take the medical field to the new and brighter side of the medical world. 

PGI, Chandigarh is the Best Hospital in India

PGIMER is the best hospital in India. The proof is the rank of PGI in NIRF (National Indian Ranking Framework). Yes, PGI is on number 2 position in NIRF ranking and it is not only for the first time but this position is gained for the third time. Previously, in the year of 2018 and 2019, pgi has bagged the same second rank in NIRF ranking. 

PGI Chandigarh – All You Need To Know About

History of PGIMER-

The planning of this wonderful medical education & research center was initiated in the year 1960. The foundation of this institute was laid by Santokh Singh Anand, B N Aikat, Tulsi Das, Sant Ram Dhall, Bala Krishna, and P N Chuttani and was declared as Institute of National Importance by an Act of Parliament 1966. 

How to Get Admission in PGI

Education & Education-

PGIMER offers various admission opportunities to medical professionals through post doctoral and postgraduate courses. These courses are considered as one of the most competitive courses which are conducted two-times in a year i.e. January and in July. The intellectual milieu offers various training programs for MD/MS, etc. 

If you want to get employment just after finishing your bacholers, then PGI chd is the best institute as it offers BSC nursing program to the students. The duration of the program is four years. Anybody who wants a handsome salary can choose this course. All you need to do is to appear for the PGIMER B.Sc Nursing Entrance Exam.

Teaching & Training

PGI CHD is majorly known for its research work for the betterment of the people’s health. Main categories cover ailments such as – thalassemia, malaria, tuberculosis, dental caries, amoebiasis, systemic vasculitis, stone problems, cancer, anaemia, relapsing polychondritis, HIV, hypertension, leprosy, atherosclerosis, diarrhea, sexually transmitted diseases, hepatitis, leukaemia, oral cancer, and rare to rarest diseases. Each day the research is made improvements as advanced and innovative technologies are taking entries in the medical field to make the health and medical field easy and effortless.

In the end, I would like to tell you that PGI is a Government Hospital. Anyone can get the treatment of any disease at lowest price. So, not just full form of pgi chandigarh, you are able to get to know many things after reading the above-mentioned things. Do mention your query in the comment section, ask anything if you want to. 

Visit official website of PGI for more information https://pgimer.edu.in/

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