Chandigarh police deploys Armoured Tractors to tackle activists of Bandi Singh Rihai Morcha

To combat protesters demanding the release of Bandi Singh, the Punjab Police has deployed a total of seven armored tractors on the road between sectors 51 and 52 and sectors 52 and 53. 

After the February 8 riots, demonstrators used tractors and horses to intimidate police officers, police officials said, prompting the need to use improvised armored vehicles. Police officials said these bulletproof tractors with red beacons were brought in from the Punjab border and used to counter terrorist activities.

Harinder Singh Mann, DSP of Chandigarh police said that Armored vehicles are specially designed for such situations. Riot prevention training is being implemented statewide to keep police personnel in good spirits. Mounted police trained on site to counter attacks by armed cavalry. Meanwhile, his 31 representatives of protesters held a two-hour peaceful sit-in at Sector 52-53 Street.

Pic Credit – The Tribune