Bike-sharing Project in Chandigarh: Pay Charges for Bicycle Rides

Riding cycles under a public bike-sharing project is chargeable in the beautiful city from September 20. 

As per MC Commissioner Anindita Mitra, “ a survey was conducted by a team after which it was decided that a minimal amount of charges are charged from the users after giving a notification through the Smart Bike App to the registered users.”

“The implementations are done as per the things written in the contract. The further issues would be resolved side-by-side”, she said.  

It was seen that the rides earlier were made free as glitches were not removed. Even by using the Smart Bike App, it became so difficult to lock or unlock the bikes.

As per the sources available online, the firm was told to fix all the issues by the mid of September. A fee of Rs. 10 with GST charges is being charged for using the bicycle for half an hour.

Source – Tribune India

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