10 Best Yoga Classes in Mohali and Chandigarh – It’s Time to Relax & Rejuvenate

Are you tired of your daily routine? Do you want to rejuvenate your body and mind? Are you looking for the best yoga classes in Mohali? Yoga can be your best option when you’re looking for something that can help manage stress as well as tone body.

Yoga is an art of controlling your mind, body, and soul as it brings together both physical and mental disciplines so that you can achieve a blissful body and mind. Also, you get a toned body as it helps you increase flexibility and muscle strength.

Why Yoga is Important in Today’s Modern Busy Lifestyle?

Though we can live a little comfortable life with the advancement in technology, it is taking a toll on our health both physical and mental. Most of us have become less active as compared to our ancestors when technology was not that advanced. As it is always said that “health is wealth” which means we have to take care of ourselves despite how busy we are. Well, practicing yoga is known to offer many health benefits and this could be a reason why people are enrolling themselves for yoga classes Mohali.

If you are looking for the best yoga classes in Mohali, we’ve listed a few places where you can practice yoga and also enroll yourself for Yoga certification. Check them out:

1.Kaya Kalp Yoga and Naturopathy

It is one of the best institutes providing professional yoga classes in Mohali and follows a holistic approach towards physical and mental health. You can learn all types of yoga including power yoga, yoga therapy, Hath Yoga, kids yoga, corporate yoga, and also enroll for online yoga classes.

Address: S.C.O. 680, Matter, Sector 70, Mohali, Punjab
Phone: 09779775533
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kayakalp70/

2.Advaita Yoga Studio

The yoga studio provides yoga classes along with meditation sessions and health tips to promote wellness. The studio offers a welcoming and soothing environment where you can learn yoga and enroll for a lot of alternative therapies for better health. Also, you will find diverse varieties of Yoga and good teaching methods.

Address: S.C.O 83, Sector 38C, Chandigarh
Phone: 09777675437
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Advaita-Yoga-Studio/418701375580068

3.Diet Management & Nature Cure Clinic

The clinic specializes in promoting a healthy lifestyle and treating weight loss with the help of diet management and yoga. Some of the top services include nutritional and lifestyle counseling, self-healing, lifetime eating plan, and yoga classes for a healthy weight.

Address: Sector 50, Chandigarh
Phone: 09501400319
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HealthonDiet/

4.Art of Living

It has more than 10,000 centres across the world and helps you learn a wide variety of meditation techniques. Learn yoga and meditation in a serene environment at Art of Living where the main emphasis is given to the healthy living. The classes are backed with breathing techniques, effortless meditation, and yoga classes.

Address: #2213, Sector 67, Mohali, Punjab
Phone: 08872432501

5.Perfect Bodies

A place to get enrolled in a huge variety of activities including yoga, sports aerobics, weight gain/loss, group classes, etc. The main aim of providing yoga classes is to help achieve mental physical and spiritual benefits along with increasing flexibility and strengthening muscles.

Address: Next to Paras Plaza Basement, Zirakpur, Mohali, Punjab
Phone: 09888829560

6.Deva Eternal Yoga

A complete health and spiritual centre offering yoga classes and distance healing services. You can choose from a variety of training programs and also take part in workshops. This holistic health and research foundation dedicated to the cause of human health, spiritual elevation, and development of human potentials.

Address: Phase 3A, Mohali, Punjab
Phone: 08968836963
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DevaEternalYogaLife/

7.Yoga for Physical and Mental Health

A well-known one-stop destination for physical and mental health. They specialize in providing yoga classes in different categories such as Hath Yoga, Ashtanga yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, and yoga for combating health issues like blood pressure, migraine, heart problem, arthritis, etc. 

Address: Sector 35, Chandigarh
Phone: 08054067765

8.Balaji Health Club

The establishment offers a wide range of products and services to its clients intending to promote good health. If you are willing to take a step towards a healthy lifestyle, you can visit this health club for yoga classes.

Address: Sector 40C, Chandigarh
Phone: 08725000999
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BalajiHealthClub40/

9.Yoga Divine Nivedita

Whether you are looking for personal yoga classes in Mohali or group classes, this could be your ideal place. The classes are suitable for all age groups and offer an encouraging and motivating environment.

Address: Sector 19 D, Chandigarh
Phone: 08968901978
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/yoganivedita1/

10.The Happy Stretch

A great place to learn Ashtanga yoga and Vinyassa yoga from well-trained professionals. You can either opt for personal training or group classes as per your suitability.

Address: S.C.O. 9, Sector 20D, Chandigarh

Yoga is an ultimate way to feel more focused and stronger which is extremely imperative to function better in your daily life. Furthermore, the can help you with many health-related issues such as limited mobility, headaches, tension or stress, lower back pain, trouble breathing, Poor blood circulation, depression, and more.

Including some little movements in your daily routine can make a big difference you can easily incorporate yoga with other kinds of exercises such as dancing, walking, swimming, gymming, etc. Are you ready for a healthy lifestyle?

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